Just love reading Jo’s fabulous  articles and newsletters. There is always a handy tip on everything from healthy food, art, holiday inspiration, what to wear and even what to look for when you are choosing a hand bag. Loads of suggestions for living an interesting life and making great choices. Love getting Jo’s shopping advice too, and usually end up buying. Thank you for inspiring us.



I will be working full time which will no doubt be challenging to start with as the last time I had a full time job was back in the 1980s!!  I have to thank you in no small way for this as your blogs are very inspiring for us ‘oldies’ to get out there and do what we really want to do.



Just a quick note: I am following the blog for a while now. so it feels as if I know you! I ordered the bangles you were talking about in a spin-off from the blog. I intended to give them away as a present, but have fallen in love with them so it finished up as a pressie to myself! Thanks for the recommendation. That was a great purchase. Love the blog, too.



Over the endless heat of summer I will read more from you.



You always look fabulous and I have taken many of your tips on board. Also heading to Europe again in july so any on trend fashion tips would be appreciated. 



I just love reading your blogs about your world cruise and the places you have been so far. My husband and I are hoping to do a world cruise and was wondering if you could suggest a travel wardrobe for such a long period at sea, including outfits for “formal” or “theme” nights. Also, does Princess Cruises offer a drinks package (for alcoholic drinks) on the world cruise? Thanks Jo and in the meantime I look forward to your next post.



Absolutely loving your blog. I found it late and have been spending my lunch breaks for several weeks now catching up. I’ve loved reading what you have been up to and dreaming about how amazing it would be to experience it in real life.