Just love reading Angsawariko’s articles and newsletters. There is always a handy tip on everything from Japan and even what to look for when you are in a particular place/destination. Loads of suggestions for living in Japan, whether permanently or temporarily. Thank you for all the guides.



I will be working full time after this break which is why I decided to go to Japan. As a first timer, I find this site very very helpful!!  I have to thank you in no small way for this as your blogs are very useful for us who are into touring Asian countries.



Just a quick note: I am following the blog for a while now so it feels as if I’m home! Thanks for the guides throughout the years. I really love the blog. I will recommend this to my friends who will be there this week.



Over the endless heat of summer, I will read more from you. I will support this site in any way possible because it had been a great help when I was in Japan, at a time when I didn’t know where to go.



I just love reading your blogs about your Japan destinations. My husband and I are hoping to do a world cruise and was wondering if you could suggest a travel itinerary for the days we’re in Tokyo. For the meantime, I look forward to your next post.



Absolutely loving your blog. I found it late and have been spending my days in Japan in places where I can feel I haven’t optimized my stay. I’ve loved reading what you have been up and where you’ve been to. Constantly dreaming about how amazing it would be to experience it in real life.