Interesting Love Bracelet Facts And Why You Need It

Gold bracelets are good both as an independent jewelry, and as part of a set. The massive weaving emphasizes the grace of the hand, and the thin hoop on the wrist looks restrained and touching. The manufacture of gold bracelets using all kinds of noble metal of various samples and color shades yellow, white, red alloys. Gems look great in bracelets is one gem or several. It can be the perfect Love bracelet for you.

Men’s and women’s bracelets – amazing jewelry with a rich history

Once the bracelets played the role of an amulet, protected the owners from evil spirits. Over time, the value of jewelry has changed and now the bracelet is one of the most popular accessories, there are even rumors of bracelets liked by celebrities. We will tell in the article about the history of the bracelet, as well as how to wear and store this jewelry.

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Throughout the history of mankind, the bracelet has been a constant piece of costume for both women and men. At first, the bracelets were charms, then they designated the social status of the owner, and today this jewel is a stylish accessory that effectively complements the image of women and men. The culture of wearing a bracelet has undergone many changes, but its popularity has not faded away for dozens of centuries.

Men’s and women’s bracelets – the history of jewelry

The first bracelets were used more than two million years ago. In the Neolithic era, bracelets were made from the bark of trees, animal skin and bones. With the development of mankind, metals and stones began to be used.

An interesting fact: charms for bracelets were used in those times. Hewn stones, shells, animal bones, collected in a bracelet, served as an amulet of a caveman.Archaeological excavations in the territories of the Sumerian civilization proved that bracelets were used even then. Researchers have found gold bracelets as well. It is believed that the Sumerian townspeople with such an ornament showed the status and viability of their husband.

Prices for jewelry bracelets

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Gold bracelets decorated the hands of our ancestors thousands of years ago. The very first bracelets were made of simple and affordable materials of the time. These were decorations of wood, bone or leather. Later the bracelets became metal, they were cast from copper and bronze, gold and silver replaced a little later.

In America, bracelets were called hoops, they looked like hinged plates. Even then, hoops were in considerable demand, primarily because they supported wide and long sleeves of canvas shirts. And the poor people and bracelets wore simpler, and the rich and noble pampered themselves and their women with luxurious gold bracelets with precious stones.

The life was still not arranged and only the furs that were fashionable nowadays in those days called skins were made of clothes, and the arms of the beautiful women, and that there hands and legs too, were already decorated with gold bracelets that were already glittering in the sun. Gradually, the value of the bracelet began to be measured not by its weight, but by the work that the hardworking hands of goldsmiths did on the piece of yellow metal. All carving became weightless and delicate, cunning constipation and latches appeared, gold bracelets were encrusted with various inserts. In the manufacture of gold bracelets, and at that time and now used techniques such as forging, casting, granulating, gilding, filigree, engraving, enamel and inlay.

Often, bracelets were handed down to the family by inheritance and acquired a clan name, with which they linked the success of the dynasty and the power of its members. Today, even the thought that such a gold bracelet once adorned the hand of a great ancestor a king or queen, amazes and lets you feel the breath of past eras hidden in the bizarre bends of ancient carving.

Modern fashion for gold bracelets is unpredictable and diverse. There are no hard criteria and style canons. The collections of gold bracelets offered by jewelry firms are so original and elaborated that they create a sense of perfection. Thanks to the imagination of designers and the skill of jewelers, the choice of gold bracelets from ordinary shopping turns into a museum promenade.

Numerous variations of forms and styles of gold bracelets cannot fail to amaze with their diversity,hard gold bracelets, gold bracelets, rings, bracelets with pendants, all of which are of various widths and thicknesses. The bracelet can be made in the form of a chain of unique weaving, and can be solid, massive, inlaid with semi-precious or precious stones. Large bracelets are sometimes combined with a watch.The resulting hybrid is beautiful and practical. Such bracelet watches with luxury precious stones are an indicator of a certain position and status.

The bracelet is worn on the arm on the forearm or on the wrist, or in the ankle area on the leg. The bracelet chain is often worn on the ankle, giving the appearance of the owner an element of exotic and outrageous.

In online sites, the customers are represented by gold bracelets for women, men, of various types of weaving and wearing, made of white, yellow or red gold. You can choose an inexpensive stylish thing, and you can choose an exclusive gold bracelet of the author’s work. The bracelet as a gift does not have love as a background, but shows a degree of deep respect and appreciation.

Among women’s jewelry gold bracelet is at a special place. Women’s bracelets are a weightless touch, highlighting the beauty and elegance of the hand. Gently braiding the wrist or forearm, the bracelet advantageously emphasizes the tenderness and tint of the skin. These versatile decorations will be appropriate as part of any toilet and at a meeting of any level.