Who takes your photos & videos?

We take all the photos, videos and do the collages. For product reviews or upcoming events, we may use the photos provided by the agency, event organisers or other photographers. Credit will be mentioned.


Can I republish the photos and article from your site?

You are welcome to share the article from the site on the social media networks but please link it back to this site as copyright of the posts, photos and video belong to Yeah Lifestyle. If you would like to print this blog post in a print magazine or newspaper, just drop us an email.


What do you do apart from blogging? I studied English and German culture, literature, linguistics and creative writing and hold a very good M.A. of Arts degree.
I do a lot of things in the social media area as creative assistant, freelance journalist and model. I connect brands and shops to new social media and do live event coverage and presentation as well.


Who pays for the food and drinks when you do a review?

Blogging and social media work takes time and effort, when we do a review, we not only take photos, but sometimes video as well as lots of notes. Once we are back, we will prepare a blog post of our experience and also share the links on various social media platforms. Hence we would appreciate if the cost of the food and drinks are paid for by the restaurant.


What / who inspires you?

I’m inspired and intrigued by people who are self-confident and beautiful and know who they want to be (in a way, because you never fully know). Creative people inspire me a lot, too. Musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, directors and writers are incredible people to hang out with. Basically, everyone who loves life and is inspired by the craziness of it all is a huge inspiration to me.


How do you stay fit and in good shape?

I try to drink a lot of water, it’s the best way to stay fit. Juices are great, too. And I go swimming from time to time. But honestly, I don’t do that much to stay in shape. Lucky me… although I probably should do more.