Vhong Navarro speaks up on the issue of assault

After the news regarding the incident that involves the It’s Showtime host Vhong Navarro last Friday through his manager Chito Rono where according to him he was beaten by several men in a condominium of a friend where he was invited. The said incident happened last January 22 (Wednesday) in a condominium located in The Fort and up to date Vhong is now recovering in an unnamed hospital from all the wounds including fracture in his nose that needed the undergo surgery. And earlier in Buzz ng Bayan, he finally gave his side regarding the said incident.

But before he gave his exclusive interview in Buzz ng Bayan there were several rumors connected in the said incident. The first one it was an extortion where the female friend planned that the comedian host will be visiting her and already set the group of guys to beat him and asked for money. The second one was the female friend invited Vhong in her place and they were caught by the boyfriend of the girl and out of jealousy he called his friend to hurt him. And lastly, the rape issue which according to some reports that Vhong was forcing the female friend for a favor and the group of guys who beat him was actually saving the girl. Aside from that there were incident or blotter posted in The Fort and Vhong actually acknowledge the said case by signing it.


Now from the hospital, Vhong gave his said by narrating what really happened. He said to Buzz ng Bayan that he was invited in the place of his female friend where 6 men were inside and beat him. They were asking for money and told him that they will kill him if he cannot provide what they are asking. This was the same narration that his manager mentioned in his official statement last Friday in TV Patrol including the announcement that his talent will be resting for a while to recover and will be absent for several weeks in It’s Showtime along with his other projects.

With Boy Abunda, Vhong mentioned he feared for his life and the life of his children. He said if they can do it to him, they can possibly do it to others even to other celebrities that’s why he is seeking for justice. In regards with the blotter, Vhong mentioned it was a blackmail that they will use it against him once he will come out and say the truth. He said that it is their assurance that he will not testify against them and to get the money they are asking hi amounting to Php 1 Million.

Vhong also mentioned that the female friend that he met in the condominium is Denise Millet Cornejo. He said that he know the girl for almost two years. Vhong mentioned that in their first meeting nothing happened between the two of them and the friend actually texted her that he was a bad boy. And later they decided to meet again which was last Jan 22 where late afternoon after eating with friends in a restaurant in The Fort he went to Denise and he saw that after sitting in sofa his friend came out in the room with another guy.

According to Vhong there were 6-7 guys lead by Cedric Lee who beat him and brought him to sign the blotter with Denise on the case of rape. He narrated that he bargained to lower amount where Cedric wanted it Php 2 Million and will be deposited on Jan 23 but he’s in the hospital. Vhong felt humiliated for what happened to him and the fear for his family. Tearful and wounded Vhong affirms to the viewers of Buzz ng Bayan he’s not a rapist nor a drug addict.

With the what happen to Vhong, he said that this group of persons or same to them can do it to others who are vulnerable whether they are celebrities or ordinary person. He also confirmed that there is now video of him having sexual intercourse with Denise but the video he know is how they hurt him and asking him to affirm that he was a rapist.

With the statement of Vhong on Buzz ng Bayan netizens and viewers shared their sentiment to the comedian host and asking for justice. For more updates visit www.push.com.ph and www.abs-cbn.com.

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