Protect your bones by drinking Anlene Total everyday

Aside from high blood and cholesterol, another health problem that we always take for granted despite of the signs is having weak bones that lead to osteoporosis. And in a country that drinking milk is just for babies and children we always try to resort to calcium tablets that is very expensive not to mention taking it sometimes too late for us. That’s why Anlene Total encourages everyone to take their care of their bones and joints this early in your age by drinking a glass or two everyday.

According to research, drinking Anlene can help reduce bone breakdown in four weeks. But most of us know that Anlene is a female product and especially for pregnant woman, but anymore Fonterra the maker of Anlene sees the need of men for calcium support because of their active lifestyle that sometimes affects their joints. With the unique combination of Glucosamine and Nano-Calcium, Anlene Total helps to maintain strong bones and fortifies cartilage in joints, protecting them against damage caused by everyday physical activities.


With the help of Anlene Total whether you are in active lifestyle or at work walking or climbing the stairs a glass of milk will help you reduce bone degeneration because of age, stress and lifestyle. Which means, Anlene Total is very good alternative for those who wanted to ensure healthy joints and bones not to mention its affordability in the market unlike some calcium tablets that we are not 100% sure that can sustain our calcium needs.

Anlene Total is available in all convenient stores and groceries nationwide and to get tips on to maintain healthy bones and joints like the Facebook Page of Anlene Total or follow them on Twitter @AnleneTotalPH

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