Ai Ai delas Alas confirms separation as she breaks down in The Buzz

Last Sunday (May 19) in The Buzz, Box Office Comedy Concert Queen Ai Ai delas Alas finally confirms her marital status with his husband Jed Salang. After living together for more than a year, Ai Ai bares it all with Boy Abunda during her exclusive interview and she admits her separation with her husband after experiencing physical fight with Jed last May 2. It was because that Jed wanted to celebrate their monthsary in a casino which Ai Ai doesn’t wanted instead she wanted to celebrate it either in their house or in a hotel which according to Ai Ai it is not healthy for Jed and she doesn’t want to be seen in a casino.

Instead of accepting Ai Ai’s recommendation, according to her Jed got angry and threw her in the bed and starting hurting her. She also mentioned that she was dragged from the floor and from there she finally realizes that it wasn’t the life she wanted away from the happy family she dreamt. Ai Ai recounts that she got her rosary and begs Jed not to hurt her anymore which according to her it was her faith that she’s holding on and Jed told her to go out and from there she went to Sofia’s room to hide and mend herself.


She also mentioned that it was not the first time that she encountered this kind of situation with Jed. But that time she still tries to protect Jed from her friends and family because she loves him. But during the interview in The Buzz, when Tito Boy asked Ai Ai delas Alas if she thinks that Jed loves her she breaks down and says after discovering all the things she thinks that Jed never loves her ever since they become together. Because there was an incident that someone approached her telling that Jed has a plan on her and after doing that he will leave her and join her ex girlfriend.

Ai Ai also mentioned that after their marriage things between her and Jed became worse and different from the dream family she wanted. Different from the happy photos she posted on Instagram that she deleted few days ago. Right now regarding the divorce, Ai Ai mentioned that it was her lawyers who are now working on what they think is best for her. She also asked forgiveness to her family and thanking them and those who are their on her current situation.


It was only last April 3, 2013 where Ai Ai delas Alas and Jed Salang had their civil wedding in Las Vegas USA, less than a month after their second fight where Ai Ai decided ended their relationship. Their plan for their Church Wedding on December will no longer push through. In depth report on Ai Ai delas Alas and Jed Salang can be found on

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