$49Billion Budget on SinTax law Ok’d by PNoy

President Benigno Aquino III approved a 2.005 trillion-peso ($49 billion) budget for 2013, prioritizing to utilize higher taxes on tobacco and alcohol to implement programmes to eradicate poverty, yesterday. Specifically, budgets are allocated in Education, health, agriculture and a cash transfer scheme for the poor, making these as the key priorities, aiming the 10.5 percent uptake–higher than the forecasted 2012 national budget. “We designed this budget as an instrument to give the common man the power to control and improve his life,” Aquino said. Additionally, he commended the parliament for passing the controversial “sin taxes” on tobacco and alcohol products early this month, and such is expected to acquire over $800million in extra revenues next year.
The budget law includes 44.3 billion pesos for “conditional cash-transfer” Budget Secretary Florencio Abad said. The law is expected to distribute up to $34 a month to the poorest families who will meet certain criteria, such as providing their children education and provision for pregnant family members’ frequent medical checkups at government health clinics. According to businesspundit.com, “Sin taxes are commonly levied on alcohol, tobacco, and gambling.” Filipinos are known to have embraced online casino sites such as partycasino.com since 1994. Casino games gained popularity and fascinated Filipino players more as casino games began to bring several variations such as Blackjack, and few casino tournaments. Party Casino has over 160 online casino games and guaranteed to give enjoyable experience.

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Meanwhile, Aquino guaranteed the Filipino tobacco farmers for no possible threat to the recent higher taxes law but he digressed to elaborate. Tax hikes were considered pivotal for the Philippine government to meet its expected revenues under the 2.005 trillion-peso budget he recently signed. He further assured that the law would give good opportunity for Filipino children to be initiating the end of poverty. Over 26 percent of the Philippines’ population of 100 million is recognized by the government to be living in poverty.

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