Chris Pine gives voice to Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians

DreamWorks Animation and Paramount Pictures together with United International Pictures through the Solar Entertainment Corporation will be releasing Rise of the Guardians in all theaters nationwide beginning November 28. Directed by Peter Ramsey, Rise of the Guardians features the voices of Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, and Jude Law.

Chris Pine will be giving the voice to Jack Frost, a 300-year-old prankster in a 17-year- old body, with the power to create frost, wind and snow. He was summoned by team of Guardians including North (Santa Claus) with the voice of Baldwin, Bunnymund (Easter Bunny) with the voice of Jackman, Tooth (Tooth Fairy) with the voice of Fisher and Sandy (The Sandman). They must need to fight Pitch (The Boogeyman) with the voice of Law who is planning to destroy the dreams and beliefs of every child about the guardians.

With his gift of creating frost, wind and snow, Jack Frost joins the guardians as they fight Pitch at the same time let him discover his real identity and where did he came from. And finally he will discover the value of friendship and family that’s very different from being a loner and an outsider because of his being a trouble maker.

Chris Pine became popular because of the characters he played in Star Trek, Unstoppable, This Means War and People Like Us. After his Rise of the Guardians, he will be working on Star Trek into the Darkness and Jack Ryan that are due on 2013.

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