Bea Alonzo is The Mistress in Star Cinema’s latest Bea-John Lloyd film

In celebration of their 10th year in the entertainment industry as love team, Star Cinema brings Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz in a film that will give everyone a different perspective about love and taking risk. The film is entitled The Mistress that will be shown in all cinemas nationwide beginning September 12, 2012 is directed by Olivia Lamasan and joining them award winning veteran actors Ronaldo Valdez and Hilda Koronel.

From the Basha in the film One More Chance to Jackie in TV series Maging Sino Ka Man, Bea Alonzo takes on another challenging role as the mistress of a business man played by Valdez which is the husband of the character played by Koronel. But putting John Lloyd’s character in the story that fell in love in her character it will be more complicated when the mistress is torn between two men that she love.

The film will give an additional character where Bea can really show her talent in acting different from the straight roles that she did which is falling in love, hurt and falling in love again. The Mistress gives Bea the chance to do two roles, the protagonist who searches for real love and acceptance which John Lloyd’s character can offer, and the antagonist which she became Ronaldo’s mistress and became the enemy of the real wife played by Hilda Koronel.

The Mistress will be showing in all cinemas nationwide beginning September 12, 2012 produced and distributed by Star Cinema.

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