Meralco Bright Idea: Switching to Induction Cooker

Filipinos love to eat and most of us enjoy cooking as well. In preparing our favorite dishes sometimes it takes us a maximum of two hours or more in the kitchen that includes cooking with our usual regular gas stoves. Right now the price of the 11kg LPG tanks that we use on our gas stoves at home rages from Php 600 to Php 900 depending on the brand name. Recently Meralco Electric Company (Meralco) launches their Bright Ideas campaign to promote efficient energy usage and one of the ideas they are promoting is the use of induction cooker.

In their lab tests conducted where they compare average monthly use of select induction cookers and gas stoves, it shows that induction cookers is cheaper than the gas stove and this was the report of the 3-month average usage they gathered as of May 2012. With the regular gas stoves the energy is first converted to heat and then directed to the cooking vessel with a lot of heat (about 64%) going to waste. While the IH (induction heat) cookers it has less heat wastage since most of the source energy (about 82%) is transferred to the cooking vessel, so food is cooked faster.

With the IH cookers it ensures safety meaning there reduction on the risk of burns because it doesn’t have flames and it automatically turns off when pot is removed. What’s good with it is that it only requires you small space when cooking and it is easy to clean unlike the usual gas stoves that requires bigger space and harder to clean especially the hard-to-reach areas that sometimes can cause rusting and unpleasant smell.

It also offers easy cooking options where you can just push the button on the side if you’re boiling, cooking stew, soup, and others. It has a timer that gives you an option to do other things without worrying about overcooking your food. Lastly being it is sleek and light, you can carry it anywhere on an outing or picnic and you just need an electric source and you can prepare your favorite meal warm and delicious.

With the Induction Cooker and other tips posted in the it will give everyone the chance to conserve more energy at the same time it help you save more.

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  1. DAX Reply

    hmmmm….. totoo ito? been thinking of switching to IH Cooking kasi.

    • Flow Galindez Reply

      mas makakatipid ka at mas madili syang linisin less space din sa bahay

  2. Vino aka raymart santiago Reply

    Induction cookers are easy to use and is elegant-looking unlike ordinary gas stoves. The main advantage of Induction cooker is the ‘value-for-money’ we can get from it, ika nga mas sulit. The price of a single hob is I think around 2k so initial cost is quite ‘mahal’, though the ‘sulit’ factor will make up for it in the long run. Just my 0.02$…

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