Unboxing Samsung Smart Camera WB150F now with WIFI

Two weeks ago Samsung unveils their latest Smart Camera WB150F that has WIFI feature for easy sharing and uploading to social network accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and Photobucket. This latest camera model of Samsung that has 14.2 Megapixels, 18x optical zoom and 24mm Schneider-KREUZNACH wide angle lens only cost Php 11, 990 (SRP). It is now available in authorized Samsung dealers nationwide.

The Samsung Smart Camera WB150F is available in two colors; White and Black which can be either fashionable to any kind of occasions where you wanted to capture those special moments or simply casual and perfect for outdoor activities and adventure. Luckily I had the chance to have my hands of one of the units of this latest WIFI capable smart camera as it was releases in the market.

Aside from the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F unit the box also contains detachable wall charger, 8GB MicroSD, USB cord for charger and PC connector, Quick Start Manual and CD, Pouch, Strap and IO TV Cord. It has a rechargeable SLB-10A Li-ion that can last up to 8 hours of usage. Owners can either choose from Shutter speed priority, Aperture priority, and full Manual when they are using their camera.

From the usual point and shoot digital camera, Samsung had elevated to make a Smart Camera to let everyone to enjoy taking of photos the fun way with additional features included at the WB150F unit. Users can now enjoy talking Panoramic photos with just simple panning or swinging of the device without having the problem of inconsistency in the “stitching”, while others who love doing glam and fashion shots can now do on the spot photo catalog of their clothing with the split shot feature.

For other who wanted to add some clip arts, backgrounds or simply edit their photos as they shot it Samsung Smart Camera WB150F offers photo editor, photo filter, artistic brush, movie filter and photo over photo features to bring out the fun side at the same time the artistic side in every photos that was taken.

After taking all the photos, the ultimate feature that the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F has is the ability to connect to WIFI and share the photos through your Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and PhotoBucket. Aside from that photos can also be emailed.

Aside from Samsung Smart Camera WB150F, Samsung also releases two units that same features including WB850F that has 21x optical zoom with GPS built-in map and 16MP CMOS Sensor that cost Php 19, 990 (SRP) and DV300F that has Dual LCD (1.5″ Front LCD), with 16 megapixels a motion photo feature, it cost Php 9, 990 (SRP).

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