Xian Lim is McDonald’s newest brand ambassador

After the success of My Binondo Girl where he plays Andy who is the leading man of Kim Chiu on that primetime show of ABS-CBN, Xian Lim proves his worth as an actor and to be tag as the rising star of his generation. Aside from acting, Xian ventures to singing, modeling and product endorsement. Now, with McDonald’s summer campaign and the launching of their new product, Xian was announced as their newest endorser McDo.

According to Margot Torres, McDonald’s Philippines Vice President for Marketing and Communications, the reason why they choose Xian is that he has this fresh face and personality that fits on their summer campaign which includes the promotion of their McFloat Summer Medley. His versatility as an actor and a singer comes naturally in the TVC shoot of McDonald’s and of course his popularity to the youth which is the target market of their latest product.

After falling in love with the refreshing taste of Coke McFloat, McDonald’s launches a wider range of McFloat Summer Medley that will really kick that summer heat as we enjoy bonding time with friends and love ones. The new flavors included in the McFloat Summer Medley are Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat. It will be available in all McDonald’s stores nationwide beginning Monday, March 19.

McFloat Summer Medley Regular cost Php 29, while Monster McFloat Summer Medley is Php 45. You can also pair your McFloat Summer Medley Regular with regular McDo fries for only Php 50 and Medium Mcdo Fries from Php 55. Coke McFloat is still available in McDonald’s stores nationwide for the regular price of Php25 and monster size of Php 40.

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