TULOY – a song collaboration of Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream and Gary Valenciano

Another song that we OPM lovers should look out for this March, I am talking about the Tuloy song that Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream and Gary Valenciano collaborated and it’s now uploaded on Youtube. See the video below and honestly it really give that hip and youthful sound that will really brighten up our day and set the mood for that “happiness” we always wanted in life.

I saw how Sarah and Gary V performed in ASAP every Sunday and I am a huge fan of the two singers who bridge out from singers to great actors of their generation. And with Somedaydream joining the project you can actually hear how diverse the song they created and how it caters to all bigger audience. Tuloy offers that refreshing sound that is worth downloading on your mp3 players and it is actually free to download which right now it’s on my iPod and the ringtone for my BlackBerry.

You can actually sing with Sarah Geronimo, Somedaydream and Gary Valenciano which I am doing everytime I played the song on my iTunes, here’s the full lyrics of Tuloy so that you can join the singing too:

Kahit na anong mangyari
Ang Lungkot ay mapapawi
Buksan na ang saya
Malilimutan ang problema.

Di ka na magiisa
Sasamahan ka san man magpunta
Sasabay sa pag-ikot mundoy makulay
Hayaan mong mabigyan ng saya
Ang iyong buhay

Sa harap at likod, kaliwa at kanan ko
Hintayin mo lang di mag tatagal marararanasan mo


Tuloy lang ang saya
Tuloy lang ang ligaya
Tuloy lang talaga
Kaibigan at pamilya
(Iwanan na ang lungkot)
(Iwanan na ang inis)
Basta’t habang naririto ako
Tuloy ang happiness

Saan ka man naroroon
Sa gitna ng noon at ng ngayon
Sa harap at likod, kaliwa at kanan ko
Hintayin mo lang di mag tatagal mararanasan mo
Repeat Chorus 2x

Tuloy ang Happiness…

Lastly, the reason why I think this song will be a hit anytime this March especially on summer, is that we Filipinos really knows how to have fun and make things wonderful and memorable with our friends and love ones. Like what the song says tuloy ang happiness and all the sadness will be all gone.

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